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Troop 911 started in October of 1997 with 5 boy scouts and 5 registered adults. Our first Senior Patrol Leader (and oldest scout) was 11 years old. Our scouts have earned 50 Eagle Awards and numerous Eagle Palms as of May 2014. All of the original scouts that started the troop are Eagle Scouts. We now have 24 registered scouts in the troop.

Troop Meetings

Our troop meetings are at the Family Life building of our Chartered Organization, St. Theresa Catholic Church, 705 St. Theresa Blvd., Sugar Land. We have a very active troop. We meet on Monday nights at 7:00 PM (except the Mondays after campouts when the Scout Troop Leaders meet for the Patrol Leader Council). During the summer months (June through August) we meet every other Tuesday due to swim team conflicts. We camp monthly during the school year and usually have one lock-in a year. We are eager to host Webelos on any of our campouts or troop meetings.


We have recently gone from same-age patrols to mixed ages at the request of the boys. Patrol names are always birds: Hawk, Eagle, Raven, Pheasant, etc. Troop 911 is boy-led, and we use the patrol method as prescribed by BSA. For those who are coming to us from Cub Scouts, a troop meeting or campout can appear chaotic, because the adults aren't stepping in to take over and run things. We are fond of saying, "This isn't Webelos III."

Adult Leaders

Cat Herder PatchAdults who would like to come along on campouts or serve on the Troop Committee are encouraged to register as adult leaders and join the Cat Herder patrol. We welcome all parents to participate.

The troop has about 30 registered adults which include about 21 committee members, a Scoutmaster, and 7 Assistant Scoutmasters. Additionally, Eagle Scouts from the troop help as Troop Guides or Junior Assistant Scoutmasters. Some of them have continued to help as adults and became Assistant Scoutmasters and merit badge counselors. Several of our adults have become Wood Badge trained and one has worked as a staff member for Wood Badge. We have had a Distinguished Commissioner, two Tomahawk Awards, District Award of Merit, OA Vigil and two Silver Beavers among our adults. The Troop has won many outstanding awards in and out of the North Star District (formerly part of Tomahawk District).

More Information

For more detailed information about our troop, you can check out the links on the right and/or download the Troop 911 Info Packet (PDF).

If you have any questions concerning Troop 911, please CONTACT US.