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Troop 911 Logo Funds & Fundraisers

Troop 911 provides a number of ways to help scouts pay their own way for activites like campouts and summer camp. Our biggest fundraiser is our U.S. Flag Project, which is supplemented by Scout Fair Coupon Book and Popcorn sales.

Stars and Stripes over Sugar Land

Four times a year – Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July and Labor Day – the Troop will place flags in yards in nearby neighborhoods on a subscription basis. A portion of the subscription proceeds is allocated to the Troop and a portion is allocated to the scouts who earn money for their scout accounts by placing and retrieving the flags during each of the workdays. This is the troop’s only fund raising event that benefits the troop. All Scouts must actively participate in this fundraiser in order to keep the troop in operation.

BSA Troop 911 Yearly Flag Subscription Request Form

Scout Fair Coupon Books

We participate in and support the Sam Houston Area Council’s annual Scout Fair by running a booth and selling Scout Fair books as a fund raising event for the scouts. All profits from the ticket sales go directly to the scout’s account. None of the profits are retained by the troop.


Another way for scouts to earn money is through the annual Boy Scout popcorn sale. All profits from these fundraisers go directly to the scout’s account. None of the profits are retained by the troop.


Every scout should be able to participate in all troop activities regardless of cost. We understand scouting can be very costly at times. If this causes a financial hardship on anyone, arrangements can be made to spread out payments or earn a scholarship of $100 from our scholarship fund. This information will be kept confidential between the Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman and Treasurer. If you have any problems see one of these people. We do expect scouts that need financial help to participate in troop fundraisers.

Camping Fees

Any time a scout goes on a campout, a set amount covering fees for the campground and the cost of gas for the drivers, and the cost of food for his patrol are deducted from his scout account. This fee is currently $25 per campout.